Ever since it was established, Nikko Rica has been engaged in research and development while working with our customers based on a foundation of mutual trust in order to pioneer a new age. This content gives an introduction to one face of the technology of Nikko Rica from the perspective of the past history and current business.

History of Nikko Rica

Nikko Rica was established in 1950 as an oil and wax wholesaler, before incorporating in 1952 to become a chemical product manufacturer. We conducted collaborative research together with a major textile manufacturer on sponge nickel catalysts for nylon synthesis, and began full production in 1956. After this, we aggressively pursued academic-industry partnerships and collaborative development with major corporations, and accumulated advanced technology and experience through the development of various catalysts including copper, iron, cobalt, and precious metals.

Hydrogenation catalysts and hydrogenation reaction technology
created within our history

The hydrogenation catalysts which are our main product and which were created through research and development are used in a wide variety of fields including petrochemicals, synthetic resins, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and foodstuffs. Furthermore, we also perform manufacturing of the intermediate materials in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and foodstuffs and cosmetic base materials using hydrogenation reaction technology using catalysts, and perform hydrogenation of functional resins for electronics materials. We also utilize powder technology to perform manufacturing of nylon powder which is used as a base material in foundation and methylsilicone powder which is a functional material for semiconducting sealants.


The business activities of Nikko Rica are composed of research and development business, outsourced manufacturing business, and trading business. These have been built up from technologies and experiences gathered over many years together with a relationship of trust with our customers, and are highly rated in a diverse range of industries.

  • R&D/Manufacturing
    and Sales

    R&D / Manufacturing and Sales

    This page introduces the products that Nikko Rica has created through our long history of research and development. They are manufactured and sold as fine chemical functional materials.

    • Sponge Metal Catalysts

      General-purpose catalysts used in a wide variety of fields including petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and foodstuffs.

    • Petrolatum, Waxes, and Oils

      Petrolatum and waxes that are highly rated in the fields of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

    • Functional Organic Materials

      We provide cutting edge functional materials based on our high pressure hydrogenation reaction technology. These are used as pharmaceuticals and chemical fiber materials.

    • Functional Polymer Materials

      These are suitable for a wide diversity of powder design including composite powders with unique materials and specially shaped powders focusing on spherical silicon.

    • Functional Inorganic Materials

      We manufacture and sell nickel powder, nickel oxide powder, and copper oxide powder focusing on the field of electronics materials.

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  • Toll

    Toll Manufacturing

    This business unit started from the idea of providing Nikko Rica technology and experience to a wide variety of external companies, and spreading our revolutionary products around the world. We have the finest facilities in Japan available for responding to the needs of our customers.

    • Hydrogenation Reaction Toll Manufacturing

      We specialize in hydrogenation reaction technology using high temperature high pressure reaction vessels, and perform Toll manufacturing of materials including pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediate resins, monomers, polymers, and electronics materials.

    • Food Additive Toll Manufacturing

      We perform outsourced processing of food additives, offering the highest levels of safety and security, and which is highly trusted by our customers. We are actively expanded the fine particle crushing which we introduced in recent years.

    • Various Chemical Material Toll Manufacturing

      The three departments of sales, technology, and manufacturing act together as a single unit to provide high quality chemical materials as demanded by customers in a variety of fields.

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The Future of Nikko Rica

The thing that Nikko Rica is building and refining is "technology, products, and services that exist nowhere else". Through our contributions to our customers, we are achieving development and emotions that could not be achieved by a single person through the cooperative effort of all of our employees. As we head into the future, we are striving to create great joy and innovation in manufacturing which is able to contribute to our customers and to society while clearly grasping the changes of the times.

nikko Rika is continuing to grow Aiming to be the chemical company for a new future by utilizing cutting edge technology

We will continue to walk the cutting edge in the future
using the power of chemistry based on the technology we have cultivated up to now.