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Petrolatum,waxes, and oils

Nikko Rica's Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Raw Materials

It is most essential to be involved in life science when we think about harmonization with nature. Nikko Rica Corporation has been developing and providing safer and more functional products, applying its long-year piled up know-how aforesaid. Purified Petrolatum "SUNWHITE®" is a most refined Petrolatum with safety, stability both in quality and time lapse and is so highly refined that all the substances absorbent of Ultraviolet Rays are eliminated.


This page introduces the Nikko Rica products that are used as general industrial materials outside of the fields of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
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SUNWHITE® is a high quality petrolatum that is refined using hydrogenation reaction technology. Since impurities that are contained in small quantities in petrolatum such as unsaturated compounds and compounds containing aromatic rings are virtually completely removed, it is virtually unaffected by absorption of ultraviolet light, and is widely used as a base ingredient for cosmetics and an ointment base for pharmaceuticals.

Product name
  • P-150
  • P-200

※Note: Y-445 is currently under development as a new product.

ApplicationsGeneral-purpose base ingredient for cosmetics and ointment base for pharmaceuticals
High Purity Waxes

These are high quality microcrystalline wax and paraffin wax that have been refined by hydrogenation reaction technology. These waxes have had the impurities that originate from the crude oil removed, the same as SUNWHITE®, and have become highly trusted as raw ingredients for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Product name
  • Refined Microcrystalline Wax
  • Refined Paraffin Wax
  • Refined Ceresin N
ApplicationsRaw ingredient for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals
Blend Wax

This is a composite wax that pursues the wax gel property (a property found in preparations made by mixing and cooling various types of waxes and oils) that is sought after by the cosmetics industry. The microcrystalline waxes, paraffin waxes, and polyethylene waxes that are widely used in the field of cosmetics exhibit wide variations in quality properties, and this is one of the major factors behind the defect rates in cosmetic manufacturing processes. This composite wax is a product that minimizes these variations by using special blending technology.

Product name
  • PMWAX82
  • CERESIN#810
  • CERESIN#820
  • CERESINC etc.
ApplicationsField of cosmetics
Carnauba Wax

Carnauba wax is a wax that is collected and refined from the surface of the leaves of the Carnauba palm which grows wild and is cultivated in Brazil in South America, and is used in a wide variety of fields including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, and industry for applications such as polishing agents, release agents, and emulsifiers. It is available in flake shape, pellet shape, and powder shape grades.

Product name
  • Carnauba No. 1 (flakes, pellets, powder)
  • Carnauba No. 2 (flakes)
ApplicationsCosmetics, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, industrial products, etc.
Rare Oil

We offer a range of oil products prepared by refining oils with special properties that originate from natural sources by using advanced purifying technology.

Product name
  • Mink oil
  • Pure Tsubaki oil
  • Refined Camellia oil
  • Super MC oil (macadamia nut oil)