Nikko Rica develop new business based on our 3 core technologies of hydrogenation catalysts, hydrogenation and food materials. Through enhancing technological capabilities with the aim of widening our business base, we have created a business cycle involving the development and manufacture of our own-brand products, material supplies to various industries, and the procurement and sale of products from other companies. We always listen to our customers' needs and reflect this in the technology that we provide.

Corporate Policy

  • Nikko Rica Corporation aims to use chemistry to achieve the harmonious co-existence of people with nature and contribute to a rich quality of life, and promotes environment-friendly corporate activities.

  • Based on its principles of reliable technology and trustworthy products, Nikko Rica Corporation will continue to devote all its efforts to the pursuit of improved operational safety, improved customer satisfaction in terms of quality and enhanced economic competitiveness.

  • Nikko Rica Corporation will assess the changing economic climate in a timely manner, maintain accurate decision-making capabilities, powers of insight and the ability to take action, and hold fast to its strong intention to overcome any problems faced by management, in continuously advancing forwards.

Quality Policy

  • To enhance customer satisfaction levels, Nikko Rica Corporation will make efforts to establish and improve quality management systems through regular audits and reviews.

  • Nikko Rica Corporation will also make efforts to maintain and strengthen economic competitiveness corresponding to required quality levels.

  • To improve the job-related skills of all employees, Nikko Rica Corporation will implement organized, systematic and ongoing employee training.

Origin of Our Corporate Symbol

The two Cs forming our corporate symbol represent the Nikko Rica concepts of Challenge and Creation. The word RICA means "wonderful" and "luxurious" in Spanish. Our corporate symbol expresses our corporate philosophy to achieve the harmonious co-existence of people with nature and contribute to a rich quality of life.