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Toll Manufacturing

For a Safe and Diverse Food Culture

Dietary customs continue to develop,with a trend away from were quantity towards greater quality and diversity. Nikko Rica Corporation presents a functional food materials to meet needs.


Fine Particle Milling of Food Additives

The three organizations of sales (head office/Kansai branch office), development research organization, and production factories (Tatebayashi and Gunma) work together closely utilizing their respective skills to implement the orders received from customers. This is a system that has developed from long years of success.


Miller Specifically for Food Additives

Makes it possible to perform fine milling at the several tens of microns levels. Since the miller has an attached refrigeration unit, it is able to keep changes in the quality of the raw ingredients to a minimum. It is also equipped with a foreign matter removal unit that increases safety.
Nikko Rica is able to support a wide range of volumes from small-scale test production to full-scale mass production.