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Functional polymer materials

Contributing to Increased Quality for Cosmetics and Industrial Applications Through Unique Technology

We deal with silicone powder and nylon powder. For silicone powder, we specialize in a diverse range of particle designs including composite powders with unique materials and specially shaped powders adjusted using our unique technology. Furthermore, nylon powder has been highly rated for many years, and is widely used in the fields of cosmetics and industry.


Silicone Powder

The silicone powder from Nikko Rica consists of polymethylsilsesquioxane particles in a structure (CH3SiO3/2)n of three-dimensionally bonded silioxane bonds (Si-O).

The Raspberry shaped particles produced by the unique technology of Nikko Rica have a small contact area, and are suitable for improved feeling in cosmetics applications and improved slipping in industrial applications. Furthermore, we have also performed hybridization using our custom technology, and are working on developing a wide range of applications including encapsulation of inorganic microparticles, core shells, and hollow particles.

Product name
  • Submicron Series
  • Inorganic Microparticle Encapsulated Series
  • Silcrusta Series (Core Shell Composite Particles)
  • Amorphous Series

※Note: We are also currently developing new products. Refer to the following diagram for details on these products.

ApplicationsField of electronicsEMC, CCL, FCCL, thermal stress relief agent
Field of coatingsPatterning, delustering, scratch prevention
Field of cosmeticsSoft focus effect, improved press moldability, improved feeling
Field of plasticsAnti-Blocking agent, dispersing agent
Products Information
Product nameParticle shapeConstituentsIndustrial gradeCosmetics gradeMean particle diameter (μm)
Submicron Series Spherical PMSQ:100% MSP-SN05 MSP-N050 0.5
MSP-SN08 MSP-N080 0.8
Inorganic Microparticle Encapsulated Series Crenated shape PMSQ:99%
Titanium oxide:2-4%
Silcrusta Series
(Core Shell Composite Particles)
Crenated shape PMSQ:15-20%
Non-standard Series Crushed
non-standard shape
PMSQ:100% MSP-A37 - 6
Development Products Spherical PMSQ:98-99%
NH-SBN04 NH-SB04 4
Crenated shape NH-KBN06 NH-KB06 5
Nylon Powder

This is spherical 12 nylon powder with mean particle diameters of 5 μm and 10 μm. It offers sharp particle distributions, and is widely used for applications such as foundation in the field of cosmetics. It offers excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, and dispersability due to the inherent characteristics of polyamides.

Product name Nylon powder
ApplicationsField of cosmeticsFoundation, lotion, spray, shampoo, etc.
Field of coatingsPaint medium, sealant, sliding agent, precision machining base material
Polyethylene Powder

This is plastic powder in which granularity has been adjusted by crushing. Since it has non-standard particle sizes of the appropriate hardness, is kind to skin, and is white without any mold or bacterial growth, it is a highly safe product. We offer a wide range from fine powders to large particles and colored products.

Product name Polyethylene powder
ApplicationsCosmetic base material, scrub material, etc.