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Responding to Customer Needs with
Advanced Hydrogenation Reaction Technology

We provide experience with hydrogenation catalysts and hydrogenation reaction technology which have cultivated over many years, and offer outsourced hydrogenation reactions and synthesis such as pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates, resin monomers, polymers, and electronics materials.
We specialize in hydrogenation reactions under high temperature high pressure conditions, and own the leading high pressure reaction devices in Japan.

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Sequence from Ordering to Product Completion

Three organizations work closely together to implement your requests

The three organizations of the head office/Kansai branch office, development research organization, and production factories (Tatebayashi and Gunma) work together closely utilizing their respective skills to implement the orders received from customers. This is a system that has developed from long years of success.


We specialize in outsourced hydrogenation reactions utilizing our experience as a hydrogenation catalyst manufacturer. We have a diverse range of reaction outsourcing experience using a variety of autoclaves from the laboratory scale to pilot and full-scale production. In particular, we have large-scale autoclaves available which contribute to reducing the costs of outsourced products.

Data of Experience
Various hydrogenation reactionsHydrogenation, selective hydrogenation, reductive amination, dehalogenation, dealkylation, etc.
Hydrogenation purificationDecoloration, deodorization, hydrogenolysis, etc.

Specialist Technology

The Tatebayashi factory where we perform outsourced hydrogenation reaction manufacturing primarily specializes in the following technologies. In addition to the following technologies, we also handle requests for various reactions in related to fine chemicals from the laboratory stage to the full-scale production stage.

  • High pressure reactions (up to 15 MPa)

  • High temperature reactions (up to 230℃)

  • High viscosity (up to 500,000 cps [30℃])

  • Metal control (ppb)


This page introduces the facilities at Nikko Rica available for developing and manufacturing high quality products.

High Pressure Autoclaves
EquipmentTemperature (℃)Pressure(MPa)Material
Low Pressure Autoclaves
EquipmentTemperature (℃)Pressure (MPa)Material
Other Refining Facilities, etc.
EquipmentModelSource of heatMaterial
Single stillSteamSUS304
3,000LThin film stillSteamSUS304
3,000LDrum crystallizerSteamSUS304
Vacuum dryer-SUS304
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