Our Factories

Nikko Rica Corporation is completed with two major factories

Both the factories are located in the natural beautiful city Tatebayashi and its vicinity of Gunma-Prefecture, a traffic center of Northern Kanto area. The two are proud of being equipped with most advanced production facilities and surrounded with well ordered environments. Reliance on our technology responding to the diversified requirements from the customers, high-ranked quality control system to sustain our reliable products and every exertion to be used by our staff members......the key word of the factories is "Reliance and Challenge".

Gunma Factory

群馬工場 外観写真

Total Area : 32,000 m2 Building Area : 8,300 m2

Business content Catalysts  /  Food Additives  /  Inorganic Compounds  /  Polymeric Powder  /  Waxes  /  etc.
Main facilities
  • Catalysts Production Plant.
  • Waxes Production Equipment.
  • Inorganic Compounds and Polymeric Powder Production Plant.
    • ・Polymerization and variety of Reactors.
    • ・Filtration Equipment.
    • ・Miller Equipment.
    • ・Classification Equipment.
    • ・Dlying Equipment.
  • Food Additives Production Equipment, etc.

Tatebayashi Factory

館林工場 外観写真

Total Area : 24,000 m2 Building Area : 6,500 m2

Business contentHydrogenation  /  Synthesis of Organic Chemicals
Main facilities
  • High Pressure Gas Plant
  • Various Autoclaves
  • Distillation Plant
  • Crystalization Plant
  • Dryer
  • Various Reactors, etc.