Tasuo Hiwatari President Nikko Rika Corporation

In response to all chemistry-related needs, Nikko Rica continues to pioneer the development of specialty chemicals and new materials

Since its foundation in 1950, Nikko Rica Corporation, as a chemical manufacturer, has devoted itself to the development of specialty chemicals and new materials, particularly hydrogenation catalysts and hydrogenation.
In the chemical industry responding to the diversified needs of society, we have kept working hard aiming to be a company which, committing itself to R&D, is always in great demand.

Today, as a result of our continuous efforts to tackle R&D in a wider range of fields, we have succeeded in product development in the fields of functional polymers and inorganic precision chemicals. In addition, we have long been engaged in the recycling of valuable resources, an activity that matches the current situation in which environmental degradation has become a pressing global issue. We will further enhance this activity going forward.

Chemical technologies have become increasingly segmented and specialized. The same holds for technologies that Nikko Rica is required to provide to our customers. We thus intend to listen carefully to what our customers have got to say, thereby continuing our efforts on a daily basis so that we will be able to provide them with state-of-the-art technologies and products.

Furthermore, in constant pursuit of cutting-edge technology, Nikko Rica strives to improve our employee educational system and develop a corporate culture which helps our employees to possess high levels of knowledge and expertise, set a clear research direction, and make useful proposals.

Endeavoring to raise awareness in all our employees and consolidating their individual powers into a corporate driving engine, Nikko Rica will continue its efforts towards social contribution and environmental conservation activities through the chemicals business, while remaining on a growth track aiming to become a company trusted by society over the long term.

To continue to be a pioneer in the fields of specialty chemicals and new materials.