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Functional Inorganic Materials

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We manufacture and sell nickel powder, nickel oxide powder, and copper oxide powder focusing on the field of electronics materials. We have developed composite inorganic material powders which employ plating technology on conventional generic inorganic material surfaces, and which are highly rated as a new conductive material.

Introduction to New Products

Various Conductive Fillers

We are using custom technology of Nikko Rica to meet the needs of our customers, such as machining of finer nickel powder raw material particles and grading to accompany finer pitches of electronics materials.

New Product: Silver Coated Nickel Powder

High conductivity

High electrical conductivity inherent in silver through silver coating of particle surfaces.


Silver Coated Nickel is low cost companed with Silver powder. Silver coated Nickel Powder is Stable Migration because Nickel has characterized Stable Migration. Compared to silver powder because nickel is used in the core.


Migration stable because nickel particles are used in the core.

New Product: Nickel Powder


Manufactured by fine particle processing technology unique to Nikko Rica, with sharply adjusted particle diameters.


The nickel slows the progress of oxidation and reduces the occurrence of migration.


High Purity Nickel Oxide

These are fine particles with a large specific surface area that offers excellent reactivity. Measures can also be investigated at the request of the customer.

Product name
  • High Purity Nickel Oxide F
  • High Purity Nickel Oxide A
ApplicationsFerrites, thermistor substrates, batteries
High Purity Copper Oxide

Nikko Rica copper oxides are fine particle powders manufactured by wet processing with the mean particle diameter controlled to with 2 to 5 μm, and offer excellent mixability and solid phase reactivity with other types of fine powders.

Product name
  • High Purity Copper Oxide
  • Ultrafine Copper Oxide
  • Standard Copper Oxide
ApplicationsFerrite, thermistor substrate, toner carrier substrate, catalyst, pigment, glass additive